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Virgin Mobile LogoVirgin Mobile is now a subsidiary of Sprint. They provide two different types of monthly plans depending on what type of phone you need. The first plan, called PayLo, is geared toward basic phones. The second plan they offer, Beyond Talk, is geared toward smartphone users.

If you need a cheap, no frills phone to talk or text, then this program is geared toward you. Virgin Mobile provides seven different phones under the PayLo program, starting at $14.99. They offer three levels of plans: 400 minutes, 1500 minutes, and an unlimited minutes plan. For $20 per month you can get 400 minutes (texting and data are extra charges.) For $30 a month you can get 1500 minutes, 1500 texts, and 30MB of data. They also offer an unlimited minutes plan for $40 which provides unlimited talk and texts and 50MB of data access.

Beyond Talk
The Beyond Talk program is targeted toward smartphone customers and all plans offer unlimited data. The difference in plans is the amount of minutes they provide. Beyond Talk customers can choose between thirteen phones starting at $39.99. The first plan option is $35 for 300 minutes and also provides unlimited text messaging. The second is $45 for 1200 minutes and also offers unlimited texting. The third is $55 for unlimited minutes and texting. Again all Beyond Talk plans come with unlimited data.

Opinion: Virgin Mobile’s PayLo unlimited plan for $40 is one of the cheapest unlimited plans in the country. Their Beyond Talk unlimited plan for $55, which offers unlimited 3G/4G data is also a great deal.

Website: Visit the Virginin Mobile website.

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