Pop Quiz: Which of the following prepaid cell phone companies has the best Unlimited Minutes plan?

  1. AT&T
  2. MetroPCS
  3. Straight Talk
  4. Verizon

The answer may surprise you! Click to find out!

How do prepaid cell phones work?

New to prepaid cell phones?

Prepaid Cell Phones 101. Here's the definitive guide to how prepaid cell phone service works!
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samsung galaxy 4g unlimited minutes straight talk

Need A Cell Phone Just For Emergencies?

Some people just need a cheap, no frills cell phone and a really cheap prepaid plan. Here's the cheapest one.
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prepaid cell phone comparisonWith the vast number of prepaid cell phone plans on the market, it can be downright confusing to compare each one of them. All these prepaid cell phone plans seem to have different pricing structures as well as activation periods. To make things easier for you, we came up with three distinct ways to help you compare these plans.

For the newbie users out there, start here to get a prepaid cell phone plan crash course.

How to use this site:
We provide 3 ways to compare prepaid cell phone plans.

  1. Compare Per Minute Pricing. When you know how many minutes of airtime a month you use, then check out these comparisons. We’ve gone through every cell phone provider’s plans to determine the cost at each level of minute usage.
  2. The Best Plans. If you have a certain use in mind for your cell phone, for example you need a cell phone for emergency use only, then check out the Best Plans section.
  3. Compare Individual Plans. If you have a particular cell phone company in mind, check our detailed review by clicking on the company’s link in the left sidebar of this site.

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Oregon Lawmakers Looking to Tax Prepaid Plans

Oregon currently taxes cell phone plans to fund it’s 911 call centers, but prepaid plans are exempt from the current law. As more people switch to prepaid plans (because they make more sense financially, duh), the state’s revenues are dropping. Lawmakers are looking at ways to include prepaid plans in a new law. The state […]

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Unlimited Prepaid Plans are for cell phone power users: people who use more than 1,000 minutes a month. I’ve ranked them on: price reception and coverage ease of use data coverage. Note on data: These are all basic unlimited prepaid phone plans and some don’t provide data for smartphones. Straight Talk $45 a month Straight […]

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Ever wondered how prepaid cell phone service works? Here is the definitive guide to prepaid cell phones. Prepaid plans can be absolutely confusing since the carriers have so many different types of plans, however they are really easy to understand once you understand a few key concepts. Prepaid Vs. Contract Prepaid plans differ significantly from […]

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