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How much will an unlimited minutes plan cost me per month?
Since most cell phone customers use about 450 minutes per month, an unlimited minutes plan is good choice for a VERY heavy cell phone user. Most prepaid cell phone companies offer unlimited plans, and they can be significantly cheaper than contract plans. Most of the unlimited plans are straightforward – you pay a flat fee for unlimited talk, text, and web access for a 30 day time period.

Cell Phone Plans Monthly Cost Notes
AT&T $50.00
Boost Mobile $50.00
Kajeet $50.00
NET10 $50.00  a
PlatinumTel $50.00
Straight Talk $45.00
T-Mobile $50.00
TracFone N/A b
US Cellular $50.00
Verizon Prepaid $60.00

There’s a tie for the winner at the unlimited minute level. You can get unlimited talk and text for $40 a month from these prepaid cell phone companies:

MetroPCS’s unlimited plan includes unlimited talk, text, and web access. That’s a great price since many of the more expensive plans above don’t even include texting (I’m looking at you Verizon.) Virgin Mobile’s unlimited plan includes unlimited talk¬† & text but only provides 50mb of data access.

Visit the MetroPCS website to check out their phones and plans.
Visit the Virgin Mobile website to check out their phones and plans.

a. The price drops to $45 a month if you enroll in the auto-refill program.
b. TracFone does not offer an unlimited plan.

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