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www.boostmobile.comBoost Mobile’s main selling point is content, targeting the younger generation of prepaid cell phone users. They offer cheap mobile web and an assortment of downloads. Boost Mobile uses its parent company Sprint’s network, which provides its push-to-talk walkie-talkie feature.

Boost operates with an account system. Add money to your account whenever you need to cover your calls and any extras used. Recharge at least once every 90 days to keep your account active (after 90 days any credit balance will expire). Once you hit a zero credit balance, you have 60 days to add money and keep your service and account active.

Boost Pay As You Go Plan
The Pay As You Go plan is a flat 20 cents per minute, 20 cents per text. Web access is an extra 50 cents per day.

Boost Monthly Unlimited Plan
Boost offers three unlimited monthly plans. For $50 a month you can get unlimited talk, text, and web access. The second option is a $55 a month plan for Android phones which gives you unlimited talk, text, and web access. The third option is $60 a month plan for Blackberry phones which again gives you unlimited talk, text, and web access.

All three unlimited plans come with SHRINKAGE which will lower your monthly payment by $5 for every 6 on-time payments (up to a total of $15 of savings per month.) So if you make 18 consecutive on time payments, the monthly plans will cost you $35 for the basic unlimited plan, $40 for the Android plan, and $45 a month for the Blackberry plan.

Boost Daily Plan
Like AT&T’s daily plan, Boost charges $2 a day for unlimited talk, text, and web access. You are not charged for the days you don’t use your phone (which includes incoming calls). If you use your phone everyday it will cost you about $60 a month which is ten dollars more expensive than their monthly unlimited plan. You can benefit by using this plan if you know that you’ll only use your phone a limited number of days during the month.

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